The Bishop welcomes you all to come in to the one fold of GIM Diocese which gives top priority to your life spirituality and well being. Bishop extends his hearts and hands towards God to bless you all with grace and his presence  with earthly blessings.

Bishop has great concern towards the ministers of God and serves and equips them. With the GIM Diocesan Bishop aims to plant 1000 new churches with mission partners plan.

Besides preaching the gospel of Christ and planting churches, the Gim Diocese also sought other ways of serving and contributing to the well – being of society. This duel emphasis on evangelism and social concern is an essential part of the GIM Diocese and is congenial with human nature, body and soul.

So I invite you all to GIM Diocese to stand together to preach and build the kingdom of God.


Reformed  Ecumenical  Anglican churches

is formed to gather all christian brothers into one fold of christ,vision   to build HIS KINGDOM WORKS.In many feild we want to bring reformation ,renevation and revelotions in order to do HIS work perfectly as Jesus Christ seeks.. For our God is God of perfection.

                The MOST HIGH MISSION Anglican synod is member of

      The Communion of Evanglical Episcopal Churches -USA

          Communion of Anglican Churches International.. USA

       world wide Anglican Church.USA/ Free church of England.



 Our churches,mission churches and affliated churches comearound  365 churches.

Many churches from CSI, CNI, AG, Maranatha, Beleivers Church, Prespeterian and many independant organisation pastors and Independants


The Most High Mission  Anglican Synod and Global Impact mission Diocese has a Bible College named ..Gideon International Mission Bible college…under the  membership of St.Aidain Theological Bible College.USA is a World wide  Anglican Bible colleges..


Our primary purpose to address on spiritual, legal, social   and any kind of issues relevant to churches/pastors, by voluntary association leading to covenant relationship and Partnership.

The Diocese will support and strengthen leaders with gods vision , passion and maintain accountability in life , integrity and ministry with Christ character and releasing righteous leadership, promoting with transparency operation to build a lord’s kingdom on earth.

The Most High Mission Anglican Synod / Gim Diocese , founded in the year of 2012, by Rt. Rev. Dr. SANTHANA PETER-Bishop ,along with a many visionaries of Missionary Vision and functions single minded with the leadership responsibilities of CORE COUNCIL and EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE stewardship, with democratic administration, spiritual approach and God’s kingdom oriented mindset.  Our Vision is to serve than to be served and not building our kingdom But BUILDING HIS KINGDOM


           1 – Gather the obscurity pastors from all areas and give them Episcopal theological up-gradation training with ordination to do ministry with authority, to conduct all ritual and rites of churches..Diocese will help the pastors with the tools they require to do ministry. Affiliation also given to the Churches who joined and to the pastor who took ordination. It will continue depends upon their faithfulness and obedience to our laws of the dioceses.   Esp…Pastor’s manual, book of common worship, Rules and regulations, full set will be provided to the pastors who take ordination

             2 – Bible college – Gideon International Mission Bible College, started to equip the united pastors with theological knowledge. Our Main Intention is not to create big scholars, but we want to provide enough biblical, ministry  knowledge to ministers of God to do their ministry in a better way as per Bible and law of the Land.

Our bible college subjects also more spiritual oriented with reality of practical approach with systematic theology. It is affiliated with Our Anglican communion who is well accepted throughout the world. Local affiliation and faculty and structure of the unit should be properly established if necessary. Diocese has a plan to start residential regular Bible College in south India and north India.  Later we may start in Bhutan and Nepal too.

  3 – Diocesan pastors Fellowship and workshop will be conducted (Every month or quarterly) to discuss on the church related     current issues, relevant bible Subjects, diocese matters and marriage registration works and the problems they come across and remedy. There will be real brethren love will be shared and united approaches in building gods kingdom will be established. We plan to give monthly stipend to the pastors to do their ministry in better way.

  4- Pastorate will be established in every district to look after the diocesans pastor’s needs and problems (for better administration). Pastoral centre having a Chairman, Secretary and Cashier and a team of senior pastors to look after the pastorate. There will be all the programs of the diocese will be done at each district level (like Bible College, Episcopal Theological Up gradation program with Ordinations, Mission partner plan and social welfare activities and so on) .Proper election will be conducted to know the view of the pastorate ministers but the appointment will be done by the bishop council with the final opinions of Bishop.

           5 MISSION DEPT-Church planting program.  Already we have many mission churches in Nepal, Bhutan, west Bengal, Bihar, Nagpur, and many parts of Tamil Nadu. God has given vision and mission plan to build 1000 new churches in all unreached areas, for the need of fund God has given the MISSION PARTNER PLAN. The diocese will gather many mission partners who are committing to give donation to this wonderful mission, by which we have, plan to construct small churches in unreached areas with mere budget.

            6-  Administration: There will be core committee to look after main functioning and executive committee will look after the all day to day works and all administration works. Head office will be in Chennai. Staffs, structure, expenditure pattern has to be improved..

               Accounts and auditing.: Day to day accounts and monthly accounts will be maintained..Yearly once proper auditing will be done by our diocese auditors. Every year when we meet like this we will produce yearly account statement to all reverends… We have the diocese saving account in the name of GIM DIOCESE at  State Bank of India. Chennai. We also plan to separate bank accounts in district level

   7. –Evangelical committee  – Our main aim is to preach the good news of Christ Jesus to this world..Habakuk .4:12. The nation is in darkness with out knowing gospel of Jesus..WE have out reaching programme and  evangelisation by crusade and care cell method  and by personnel evangelization We Want to train the ministers with knowledge of other religions’ so that when they reach the world they can easily face them. Today we feel personal evangelization and care cell methods are the best to reach the world. We as diocese are keen in developing our diocesan pastors to learn more about care cell methods to implement in their neighborhood. And unreached areas.

 Creating healthy churches is another main goal. We are aiming to educate every church believer with the basic fundamental bible knowledge with practical way of true Christian life methods .From baptism to maturity life to attain Heavenly home. We have twenty main subjects to be taught in each church so that every believer will know who he is in Christ , why god separated them from this world  and how to live a true Christian life and what he  or she should do. Our purpose is to develop believers towards maturity through worship, instruction, fellowship and evangelism.  

         8- Children, youth and women ministry is the back bone of our ministry, we believe that catch them while they are young is our principle to reach nations.. We want to turn the children and the youth from dirty world to godly way and make them god fearing and disciple of Christ. As the world is attracting the youth and children by all bad ways, we should make more interesting tools to attract them towards God. proper CBS syllabus and follow up training’s and Sunday school will help them to grow .. We also want to take care of poor children’s education, in slum ,in villages and pastors children  are not able to pay their school fees and many children are not able to go for higher studies and  discontinue and go for work, in order to take care of their family basic requirement. when finance available we will meet the needy children .

   We also want to train all the pastors wives  to do the ministry properly, we also have  to give separate training for girls and  ladies ..they are the to be considered well ..all church we have more women..separate attention have to be taken..                                                                                                                       

             9 – Social works.- Pastoral care and social welfare Department

             A team of senior pastors will be there to look after this work, Various social care policies will be made to meet their requirements. If a minister of our diocese dies, immediately we will take care of the funeral service expense, if they inform or approach for help. We also inform all our fellow ministers of god to give support to the family who lost. Separate Funeral ground will be made – We plan to have one cemetery in each district where our diocesan pastors and for church members. we will approach Minority affair dept of Govt

 We are planning to tie up with many organizations that are supporting pastors in various ways. (Like Mutt, global mission of Bangalore) 

  10 – LEGAL BODY with in diocese will consist of many advocates to look after the legal issues of diocesan church and Christians in protection and in legal issues. We will stand with the churches when they face critical situations. We also plan to help every church to register in government as a trust and we would help all believers when they want to change their names in to Christian names

  11 Free medical centre for Pastors and Christians will be established in future..I find no Christian institution in nations provide free medical care for mankind but many other Religious organizations are doing big medical operation at free of cost. It is Christ who showed free love to mankind. But we ministers are reluctant and selfish to exhibit HIS GREAT LOVE. Throughout the world, entire money is collected from Christians families but not used for Christian community for churches and pastors.

          12-Rest House and meditation centre.   In India we plan to have   many       meditation centers or abbey for ministers of god who want a peaceful home to meditate   away from home…And also have a plan to built aged homes for ministers of aged, who have none to care.

       Operational -Head of the departments :

  • 1-Ordination committee
  • 2-Bible college / university
  • 3-Fellow ships / workshops
  • 4-Healthy Churches – Evanglisation/children,youth and women
  • 5-Pastrate/pastral Care / social dept
  • 6-Administration and accounts and auditing/ Legal dept
  • 7-MISSION -Church Planting / Mission partners / fund raising

SYNOD     —  Serving the Overseers/Diocese  

DIOCESE        —  Serve servants of God/Churches

BIBLE COLLEGE           –   Equipping pastors/youths


SOCIAL ACTIVITIES        Caring Mankind in Many ways


Creating 2000 Healthy Churches.   Build 1000 New churches in unreached areas — Winning souls 3000000 for God    

Unite with us to meet End time Ministries